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Welcome to is an internet based business and community directory licensed under Preet Communications Inc. is not only a business search engine but also an innovative web site that has undertaken the task of merging together both business as well as local and international news to ensure that it's users receive the information that they are seeking with just a click of the mouse.

Our main goal is to provide our users with up to date information and service that is fast, easy and convenient; which is why our dedicated and professional staff are constantly on the look out to make the site more easy to access as well as guarantee you the information that you are seeking without wasting a great deal of precious time. is a site that is committed to its users which is why we enable you to post any announcements, classified ads or articles onto the site for free. is a web site for the community by the community members with the assistance of our staff.

Along with news and business listings we also offer:
   a monthly draw
weather updates
   weekly poll
   free classified ads
   and much much more

Should you require any further information please contact us by clicking here.


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